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Lately, it seems like there's a movement towards becoming more human. As social media algorithms continue to frustrate users by isolating them from their followers – and the "social" aspect is replaced with advertising and clunky features – the demand for control over hard-earned communities is growing.

With the recent implosion of Substack, it's becoming obvious that the desire for control, humanness and connection is signaling a return to a simpler version of the Internet – and blogging.

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As a writer, blogging — for creative expression and as a business strategy — has always been central to my online existence.

I launched my first blog in 2004 (with four other women of color) — and we soon solidified our place in the Fashion and Beauty world. We worked with dozens of high-profile brands before parting ways to carve out our own individual corners of the Internet. 

Afterwards, I went on to launch a travel, culture and poetry blog – partnering with hotels, airlines and travel bureaus – before discontinuing it, and reemerging with my current blog for Muse by Midnight; where I write about sensuality, the dark feminine, poetry, travel, shadow work, alchemy, spirituality and relationships. 

Contrary to what all the marketers, strategists and consultants are prattling on about, for me, blogging never went away. It's always been a strategic avenue for cultivating a business or brand persona, as well as an alternative method for building marketing funnels, email lists, leads and engaged audiences. Whether it's Instagram, X, Facebook, Etsy, Patreon or Substack, the bottom line is the same. Ownership through blogging is a valuable currency, which gave me an idea...

What if I created a network of bloggers (similar to an old-school blogger's link up) to help drive traffic to, and create awareness of, each other's blogs?

Queue, The Blogger's Collective.

Details on how we support each other are disclosed to those accepted, but strategies include leaving comments on each other's blog posts, sharing on social media, and inviting one another to provide quotes and/or be interviewed in blog posts.

I also host occasional live, online meetups where everyone can connect, share stories and hear perspectives from other bloggers. Blogs are segmented by categories/ topics, and I personally curate the network to ensure that all bloggers are aligned in quality, content and ethos.

I've implemented guidelines to ensure that the collective remains a place of inspiration, admiration, safety and mutual respect for all involved. This collective is not a mindless follow/ promotional train, nor does it require completion of aimless tasks to enter into a new kind of algorithm. That's the kind of purgatory that I'm seeking an escape from. This collective is purely about whether your writing/content resonates – and coming together to achieve shared goals.

Categories in the Blogger's Collective Include:

  • Art
  • Travel
  • Poetry and Books
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Mental Health
  • Astrology and Human Design
  • Equestrians
  • More

Admission to the Collective is ongoing - and FREE.

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Bella in Spain

I'm Bella, a writer, poet, artist, creative director and Sacral Alchemy™ coach.

I write about sensuality, art, shadow work, seduction, untethering, wistfulness, spirituality, philosophy and discovering Self through relationship with the Other. I integrate music, equine-assisted healing, horse magick, meditation, creative writing and somatic experiencing into my trauma-informed coaching practice. 

Last year, I relinquished the need to have a separate identity for my business, especially given that nearly everyone who discovers Muse by Midnight encounters me — the human being — first. The brand was supposed to be my “canvas,” yet I found myself holding back; contemplating the stories, experiences and the “voice” I wanted to share.

Muse by Midnight is both my business name and a pseudonym. I was/am the original “Muse by Midnight” and this vessel is an amalgamation of my words, art, style and unique gifts—all elements that have influenced the community and rich experiences I cultivate.

Writing has always been my first love, and as such, I prefer the written medium to video. If this calls to you, I'd love to welcome you into my Blogger's Collective.

You're welcome to learn more about Muse by MidnightAbout Me or Follow Me on Threads.

xo, Bella

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