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Bella with Horse - Equine Assisted Healing


As an Intuitive Healer and Sacral Alchemy™ Coach, my deepest calling is to help women embrace the power of the sacred feminine — and harness that energy to develop inner attunement, emotional resiliency and clarity of personal purpose. I also work in deep alignment to support manifestation of harmonious relationships and beautiful, successful and fulfilling lives.

“Sacral Alchemy” is a coaching methodology and intuitive approach to trauma-informed healing that I cultivated based on years of training — and study with mystic and psychology mentors.

I utilize elements of creativity, somatic experiencing, spirituality, music, nature, and equine-assisted healing – and each of those modalities align with the “sacral chakra” (which is the seat of our emotions, pleasure, desires, sensuality, and connections).

"Alchemy" is the ancient process of transformation, creation and transmutation. When both of those principles are intertwined — with the "sacral" as a foundational focus — it creates a container that supports ascension, empowerment and healing. Sessions can be conducted with (or without) horses, online or in-person.


Equine-assisted healing is an experiential, interactive process that supports the nervous system by integrating horses into somatic (body-based), emotional rehabilitation. Sessions with horses provide women with a safe-space to explore their creativity and desires, and work on deeper issues such as developing self-regulation and addressing attachment dynamics in their interpersonal relationships. Horses not only respond to our human emotions, but inspire feelings of awe, transcendence and belonging that are key to unlocking a profound, embodied presence.

Bella with Horse - Equine Assisted Healing
In my scope of practice, I infuse equine-assisted healing with creative and spiritual exercises such as writing, dance, music and meditation to provide a holistic, fully-integrated approach. 

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As an healer, I have a personal affinity for the the dark feminine and the hidden wisdom that lies beneath the visible. The esoteric shadows are my playground, and explorations of the shadow self, shame, pleasure activism, and fortitude of willpower are common themes in sessions with clients. 

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and after a dance with my own mortality, I faced a string of traumatic experiences in my twenties, including an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist, depression, and several, painful rifts with family members and friends.

However, it was through my own transformative recovery, multiple ego deaths, a debilitating, dark night of the soul; breaking of ancestral curses, and a compassionate rehabilitation of my inner child, that I developed the alchemic tools and processes that I share with other women.

I’m currently training with Equusoma — a horse-human trauma recovery program — and I deeply believe that transformational healing (especially amongst women of color) is possible through working with equines.

I’ve studied (and have been in apprenticeship to) teachers of both the occult and the clinical mental health field and have developed a holistic approach to coaching/healing that combines art, equine-assisted healing, somatic experiencing, nature, poetry and spirituality.

I utilize art as an inspirational, teaching tool, and encourage clients to channel their creativity as a vessel to tap into their bodies and emotions — and my approach is always “woman-centric.”

As a witch, I share the wisdom and secrets of sorcery and magick to assist women with developing confidence and charisma, as well as a polished, seductive, and alchemical method to attracting their desires. However, you DO NOT have to share my beliefs to work with me. All religions and spiritual paths are welcome.

Although I’m not a licensed therapist, I studied in a Marriage & Family Therapy graduate program for two years before opting to drop out. It was once my dream to become a therapist, but amongst numerous other factors, the bureaucracy and red tape with licensing boards, high burn-out amongst mental health professionals, and restrictions around incorporating witchcraft, astrological and indigenous practices just wasn’t in alignment with the future I envisioned for my life – or the way I wanted to engage with my clients.

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Sessions are 1 hour, and conducted virtually via Zoom.

In-person sessions integrating horses will become available in Fall/Winter 2024.

Please note that coaching or equine-assisted healing is not a substitute for therapy. However, I do embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to coaching and healing, and can work in tandem (and provide referrals to licensed therapists). Read Full Disclaimer.

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