Events & Retreats

Muse by Midnight takes pride in curating exclusive, luxury, inspirational and delightful events for women. 

Each event is designed with pleasure and strategy at the forefront; providing opportunities for women to develop fulfilling, supportive, authentic, and aligned friendships - as well as indulge and nurture their desire for adventure, success, self-actualization, excitement, awe and synchronicity.

Experience the beauty of this inspirational, vibrant “goddesshood” by attending an event such as, but not limited to:

  • International, Luxury Retreats (with Entrepreneurial, Creative & Wellness themes)
  • Muses' Night Out (Dinner and an Entertainment Activity)
  • Content Creator Days 
  • Networking Soirées
  • Performances (Ballet, Theatre, etc)
  • Brunches
  • Goddess Circles & Full/New Moon Ceremonies
  • Spa Days
  • Workshops on Topics related to Spirituality, Travel, Entrepreneurship, Art & Relationships
  • Private Shopping Events
  • Lux Cabin & Glamping Overnight Trips
  • And more!

Membership to the private, Sanctuary club provides access to exclusive, digital events, as well as FIRST RSVP privileges to ALL events and retreats. 

Members of The Sanctuary also receive access to:

  • Monthly themed events around topics such as spirituality, dating, relationships, art and femininity.
  • Guided meditations and affirmations.
  • Discounted, special pricing (and access) for 1:1 “Sacral Alchemy” Coaching.
  • A curated, vetted community of likeminded women
  • New Moon or Full Moon rituals led by Chief Executive Muse, Bella Graham
  • And much more

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        During each of our curated retreats, you can expect the following:

        • An intimate, vetted group of likeminded, classy, and sophisticated women travelers
        • A private, woman cinematographer who will travel with us to capture all of your photo/video needs
        • Daily cultural activities
        • Luxury shopping expeditions
        • Lunches and dinners in top restaurants
        • Private hotel accommodations
        • Private ground transport

        *Airfare will not be included

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        Creative Events

        "Goddess Content Days" are special programs hosted for our artists and content creator muses who need high-quality images/videos to share on their social media channels, websites, or media kits. They are also open to entrepreneurs and women who simply want to capture glamorous and beautiful pictures of themselves.

        During these sessions, Muse by Midnight rents production studios with posh, upscale aesthetics and invites a curated group of muses to help each other create content. The cost of renting a studio alone could range from $250-500 per hour, so it's a fantastic way to meet new friends while pooling production costs. For certain events, Muse by Midnight may invite brands and cinematographers to participate (so that attendees receive professionally shot and edited photos/videos). Additionally, we may also supply light bites, champagne, and props. ALL of our past Goddess Content Days have SOLD OUT, and spaces fill quickly.

        Pricing for Creative Events average from $70-400 per person, depending on the space and size of the group.

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        If you are a venue owner or if you would like to collaborate on an event for our muses, email or send a message via the contact form.