I find beauty in both the stillness and motion of life, and I create art and content that reflects the depth and range of our emotions, as well as our attraction to romanticism, travel, hospitality, mystery and the esoteric.

I’m available to create, direct and produce short films, editorial photography series, poetic cinematography, branded content, literary works, user generated content (UGC), and other content that appeals to my inspiration – as well as partner/consult on aligned brand projects. I’m open to working with brands, entrepreneurs and individuals that share a common ethos. My particular areas of speciality are the luxury lifestyle space (hospitality, fashion and travel), as well as working with equestrians and professionals in the equine industry.

I'm highly competent (and capable of) working alone, yet also have access (and lead) a team of talented, professional cinematographers and editors (located across the world). If desired, I'm open to consulting and/or working with your existing team on a select basis.

I can facilitate all phases of production, from development (writing, budgeting) to pre-production (wardrobe styling, casting, location scouting), and post-production (editing, sound mixing).

For rates and inquires, email Hello@MusebyMidnight.com or send a message via the contact form. Pricing is dependent on scope and complexity of project, and can range widely so it's best to inquire directly. Complimentary 15 minute consultations (to discuss scope of work) are available.

Muse by Midnight creative direction Muse by Midnight creative direction

 Roles: Creative Director, Model, Producer and Stylist

Dawn of Muse:

(Fashion/ Art Film)

Roles: Creative Director, Producer and Stylist


Healing Through Horses

(Client: Haloranch - Branded Art Film)

Roles: Creative Director and Producer