Muse by Midnight 🌙 is a dark, romantic dreamworld serving as a gateway to art, sensuality, the divine feminine and luxury travel.

From upscale events and retreats; to coaching and equine-assisted healing; art, musings, books and lifestyle products – it was intentionally designed with deep intention and care.

“Muse by Midnight” is also Founder Bella Graham's pseudonym. As a multi-hyphenate creative (i.e., a poet, writer, creative director, intuitive healer and experience curator), she was/is the original “Muse by Midnight” (read her origin story here). This platform is an amalgamation of her words, art, style and unique gifts—all elements that have influenced the community and rich experiences she cultivates.

As a platform, Muse by Midnight serves as the rendezvous point for The Sanctuary, an exclusive membership club – and sacred sisterhood of women leading beautiful, fulfilling lives. Founding members include artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives from all over the world. 

If you are a woman who craves spiritual, emotional, hedonistic and financial opulence, you will find a safe haven here.

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A Letter from the Chief Executive Muse:

I come alive in the twilight hours. Every night between midnight and 6 a.m., my unconscious desires spill into my creative cavities like sweet vanilla creamer in a dark chai tea. The shadowy meets the dawn in a delicious blend of artistic expression, lucid dreams, spells, and musings about all that is opulent, beautiful, sensuous, alchemical, and philosophical.

My “muse” likes to visit just after the stroke of midnight…

I’m a writer and an artist at heart, but I yearn to understand the mysteries of the Universe, while indulging in material pleasures. To be a muse, and the incarnate of the divine feminine (while exploring the invisible, connective tissues that bind us humans to Source), is both my purpose and my Achille’s heel.

I crave ascendancy, but not of the Earthly dimension – and I covet esoteric knowledge, wisdom, connection, magnetism, love, awe, romance, and adoration. I am most appeased when wielding (and sitting on the throne of) my dark feminine power, and I’m most fulfilled when I’m able to help other women do the same.

I’ve always wanted to be like air, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I feel most at home when I’m thousands of miles in the sky, flying from one place to another. I suppose that’s why I’m always traveling...

When I first envisioned this platform, the definition was opaque. I knew it would be a multifaceted ode to women, and although I wasn’t sure WHAT I was creating, I only knew HOW I wanted women to FEEL.

The words incessantly swirled in my mind: "Inspired, feminine, awakened, powerful, seen, imaginative, cherished, at ease, adventurous, magical, excited, and hopeful."

Now that it’s manifested, I understand why it had to start from the heart…

My deepest aspiration and ambition is to create a space for women to experience the world through art, travel, spirituality, and luxury – as well as activate their inner, dark feminine warrior and muse. This platform is my gift to all of you.

Welcome to your modern “Mount Olympus” – home of the muses.


Bella Graham, Chief Executive Muse