A “Mount Olympus” for Contemporary Muses

Muse's Night Out in Beverly Hills

Do you want to experience the world through art, travel, spirituality, luxury and and a specially curated community? Do you desire to activate your inner, dark feminine warrior and muse?

Become a muse, and join our upscale, private club.

Founding members include artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and creators from all over the world.

Membership is open to women only.

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What is a Muse?

Historically, a “muse” is recognized as a goddess of artistic inspiration, or one who whispers petitions into the ears of mortals; inspiring them to quest for greatness. She resides on “Mount Olympus” with her sister divinities, each ruling over aspects of the arts and sciences.

However, in this modern age, our Chief Executive Muse has re-envisioned a “muse” as an extraordinary woman. She shares qualities with the “siren,” another classical archetype of sensual, femininity – and embodies the energy of the Empress tarot card, which symbolizes creativity, grace, ease, luxury, and ruling your own empire.

A contemporary muse has what the French would call “je ne sais quoi,” or “that special something.” Her presence beguiles.

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Become a Muse

You are a MUSE if any of the following speaks deeply to your current (or desired) existence:

  • You embrace spiritual, emotional, sensual and financial opulence.
  • You value evolution and are continuously transforming and elevating.
  • You are (or desire to become) confident, poised, alluring, and magnetic— with a vibrant social network.
  • You aspire to curate a beautiful life of sweet indulgences and “milk and honey.”
  • You are a seeker of sovereignty, and a citizen of the world.
  • You desire to delve deeper into the esoteric and become a channeler of magick.
  • You are a vessel for manifestation.
  • You revere the divine feminine power you inherently possess.
  • You have a deeply rooted love for travel and experiencing culture.
  • You aim for a serendipitous balance between the strategic and intuitive.
  • You are adored, respected, protected, and provided for in romantic relationships.
  • You cherish the polarities within yourself: the soft feminine and the dark, shadow warrior.
  • And most significantly, you appreciate and yearn for a soul-led community.

    In antiquity, or the ancient past, there were nine muses, and each was venerated for a different offering. They weren’t only goddesses, but sisters, and together their powers and abilities were amplified.

    This is the heart of Muse by Midnight: A space for women to develop fulfilling, supportive, authentic, and magical friendships, and to cultivate experiences and events that satiate your longing for adventure, entrepreneurship, hope, self-actualization, excitement, awe, and alignment.

    This membership will nurture your areas of growth, and provide you with the tools, inspiration, and encouragement to become the glittering, dynamic muse that is already inside of YOU.


    Membership Includes:

    • Exclusive, in-person events such as brunches, networking and entertainment outings  (*currently Los Angeles area only)
    • Online-only community events (workshops with experts, virtual "Beauty Shop Soirees," wine nights and more )
    • Monthly, virtual New Moon or Full Moon virtual rituals led by Chief Executive Muse, Bella Graham (all religious and spiritual beliefs are welcome)
    • First RSVP access to international, luxury trips and retreats such as the Amalfi Coast (*Additional costs will apply)
    • First RSVP access to all events and retreats
    • Exclusive offers, discounts, and perks from brand partners
    • Access to a curated, vetted membership community of likeminded women

      *If you are not located in California, there is a reduced rate out-of-state/ international membership option.

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