Join Us for Winter 2024: Jan 11 – Mar 29 

Embark on a Voyage into the Wisdom of the Dark Feminine

Muses, a new season is upon us. As a woman who understands the power of connection, softness, selective intimacy, privacy and self-nourishment, I hold deep reverence for shared experiences (and time) with other women on their sacred feminine journeys.

Since launching Muse by Midnight, I’ve remained continuously attuned to not only the evolving needs and desires of its members, but to my own.

As I shift how I engage with the world and who has access to me (both online and off), I further distance myself from the global culture of rapid consumption. I’m now more protective of, and connected to, a community that seeks authenticity emanating not from over-sharing, but from inner knowing, dark feminine expansion, creative expression and strategically-exercised willpower.

I’m moving away from the rigidity of a monthly membership that doesn’t allow space for change, and instead embracing an aligned, intimate, slow and gentle approach to community – and thus, a shift from monthly to seasonal.

I’m pleased to announce, and invite you to voyage with Muse by Midnight for a SEASONAL, intimate exploration of your sacred feminine, spirituality, esoteric mysteries, artistry, sensuality and inner opulence.

Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) will now focus on specific themes, and include rituals, activities and discussions that align with its somatic and astrological energies. Membership for each “season” will be capped at 10 women so that I’m able to offer personalization and tailored experiences for each muse. Events and retreats will now be standalone from the membership, but members still retain priority access.

Since our new seasonal memberships will launch in Winter 2024, I’m limiting access to 6 "Founding Muses" who will shape the course of our forthcoming seasonal odysseys. THE PRICE for the following seasons will INCREASE, so if this offer beckons to you, now is a once in a lifetime chance.

Join us for our Winter 2024 Season: January 11 – March 29, 2024

Winter 2024 Themes Include: Embracing introspection, Shadows, Mastery and Sensuality.

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Winter 2024 Membership Includes:

  • 1 LIVE Monthly Moon Ritual or Creative Exercise
    • Each month, I'll host a LIVE Full or New Moon spiritual ritual, OR a community, creative exercise that may include free-writing, poetry, dance, music or another form of artistry/ performance. Each ritual will be guided by me, with personal input from members on their desired focus.
    • 1 Live Monthly Meditation and Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circle
      • Meditations are designed to help you soften, attract your desires, develop emotional resilience, create spiritual attunement, and deepen your connection to your body and sensuality. Afterwards, we'll have free-flowing conversations to connect with other members, and receive guidance from me on dating, the esoteric, relationships, travel, self-care, the spiritual elements of entrepreneurship and business, and more.
    • 1 Exclusive Monthly Newsletter Filled with Musings, Sage Wisdom, Affirmations & Journal Prompts
    • Access to Private Muse by Midnight Instagram Stories
      • These private stories are intuitive, insightful and include glimpses behind the veil of my own spiritual expedition.
    • Access to All Recordings of Past Rituals, Meditations and Creative Exercises during the Season

          Extra Special Offering – Just for Winter 2024:

          Included in your membership (for no extra investment)...

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              Become a Muse

              Pricing & Deadlines:

              Applications will be accepted until December 22nd, but since space is limited, you are strongly encourage to apply early!

              Early Investment Deadline: December 16th

              • Secure your place early and enjoy a special rate of just $300 per month.

              Final Investment Deadline: December 29

              • $333 per month.

              Extra Sweet Savings:

              • Pay in full for the entire Winter Season by December 22nd and invest only $849 (Save $150)! 

              *Monthly payments are all due on the last day of the month prior, with the exception of January 2024. Payment for January 2024 will be due on December 29, 2023.

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              Who Am I? The Chief Executive Muse:

              I am the Sandwoman... The Muse... The Healer... And the Witch...

              I'm an Artist, Writer, Creative Director, Poet— and a Los Angeles native living on Tongva land. I work with the elements of earth and water, and with my Orisha, Oya. 

              I'm also a Sacral Alchemy Coach, which is my methodology to trauma-informed healing that integrates somatic experiencing, creative expression, spirituality, music, meditation, nature and equine-assisted healing.

              For the past ten years, I've worked professionally as a Creative Director, Journalist and Marketing Strategist (primarily in Tech, Entertainment, Travel and Fashion). 

              I'm a citizen of the world, with 20+ countries under my skirt. At times I feel more at home when I'm thousands of feet in the air than I do on the ground. I devour new cities and countries like a vampire feasts on fresh blood, and I never tire of finding beauty in the world. I love mysteries, and I love being one...

              At age 19, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and dancing a tango with my own mortality is why I sometimes feel like I have one foot in this world, and the other in another.

              My deepest calling, in all of the various forms it manifests, is to help women embrace the duality of the divine feminine: the dark, sorcerous warrior and the sensual muse – and then harness that power to heal themselves and manifest beautiful, harmonious, successful, and fulfilling lives.

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              You are a MUSE (and this membership is for YOU) if any of the following speaks deeply to your existence:

              • You embrace spiritual, emotional, sensual and financial opulence.
              • You value evolution and are continuously transforming and elevating.
              • You are (or desire to become) confident, poised, alluring, and magnetic— with a vibrant social network.
              • You aspire to curate a beautiful life of sweet indulgences and “milk and honey.”
              • You are a seeker of sovereignty, and a citizen of the world.
              • You desire to delve deeper into the esoteric and become a channeler of magick.
              • You are a vessel for manifestation.
              • You revere the divine feminine power you inherently possess.
              • You have a deeply rooted love for travel and experiencing culture.
              • You aim for a serendipitous balance between the strategic and intuitive.
              • You are adored, respected, protected, and provided for in romantic relationships.
              • You cherish the polarities within yourself: the soft feminine and the dark, shadow warrior.
              • And most significantly, you appreciate and yearn for a soul-led community.

              In antiquity, or the ancient past, there were nine muses, and each was venerated for a different offering. They weren’t only goddesses, but sisters, and together their powers and abilities were amplified.

              This is the heart of Muse by Midnight: A space for women to develop fulfilling, supportive, authentic, and magical friendships, and to satiate your longing for alignment, spiritual fulfillment and ascension.

              This membership will nurture your areas of growth, and provide you with the tools, inspiration, and encouragement to become the glittering, dynamic muse that is already inside of YOU.


              Although Muse by Midnight was originally created as a channel for real-world connections, membership has been re-imagined to deepen our ability to engage (without restrictions to physical locations). Although our in-person soirees, retreats and events will remain a commitment, we have developed this virtual, seasonal experience to be enjoyed from wherever you are in the world

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              Membership to Muse by Midnight is selective and limited to ensure the safety and high-vibrations of the community. When you apply, you will be invited to a short 10-14-min video connection call.

              Once accepted to the membership, payment is due within 48 hours of being invoiced. Due to the extremely limited capacity of this launch program (i.e., 6 women maximum), I will not be able to ensure your membership seat past 48 hours.

              Membership fees are non-refundable, and access to my book and past recordings are for personal use only. You may not sell or share the book, or recordings, without my explicit written permission. I retain all rights to my intellectual property, and enrolling in the membership does not grant you a license, or right, to sell or share any of my offerings or content.

              Membership or coaching is not a substitute for therapy. However, I do embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to coaching and healing, and can work in tandem (and provide referrals to licensed therapists). Read Full Disclaimer