The Muse's Guide to Reinvention - Book Excerpt

The Muse’s Guide to Reinvention was written partially as an introspective, reflective diary; partly as a petition to Clio (the goddess of history), and fully as a gift to any woman who seeks (or dares) to forge her own destiny – and rewrite HERstory. 
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“At some point in every woman’s life, and sometimes more than once, she realizes that who she HAS BEEN is vastly out of alignment with who she IS, and who she wants TO BE.”

Whether we arrive at this intent through revelation, maturity, crisis, or via complete destruction and ego death, the desire to reinvent (and become a higher version of) ourselves indicates that we’ve reached a pivotal turning point in our lives.

You’ll recognize it by virtue of longing. For harmony, softness, beauty, ease, grace, success, self-actualization, alignment, purpose, and fulfilling relationships. You’ll likely also be seeking sovereignty, spiritual attunement, and to integrate your shadow-self into the light – even if you’re unconscious of it, and even if you don’t know how (or why).

"The Muse's Guide to Reinvention" contains personal anecdotes, as well as glimpses into some of the most beautiful, desolate, rewarding, challenging, and vulnerable moments of my life. Inside, I share 12 “diaries,” or lessons, that will help you navigate through your own transformative process. 

Additionally, there are creative exercises, 4 spells, coloring illustrations, writing prompts, rituals, artwork to create a vision board with, and affirmations that accompany each diary. 

It’s not a memoir, but a digital guidebook to steer women towards metamorphosis. Upon completion, you will be primed with the tools, sageness, and inspired imaginativeness to strategize (and conjure) the life you’ve been deeply yearning to lead.

I utilize a combination of writing, art, historical recollections, quotes, philosophical and psychological tropes; and lessons I’ve gleaned from “human catalysts” – or teachers who have inspired, or stimulated, internal change within me in some way.

If synchronicity or your intuition led you here, then take it as a serendipitous sign that you’ve arrived at the right place – and at the right time.

Preview Some of the Coloring & Writing Pages:

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Preview of Muse by Midnight Activities

    Included Are:

    • 12 Chapters Encompassing the 12 Components of Reinvention
    • Affirmations
    • A Water Ritual to Release Fear
    • Powerful, Metaphorical Illustrations for Coloring
    • A Spell to Heal Your Inner Child
    • Creative Writing Exercises
    • A Spell for Breaking Toxic Chains (i.e., Cord Cutting)
    • A “Blossoming” Spell to Attract Beauty, Abundance, and Sweet Experiences
    • A Spell to Emerge from the Chrysalis (i.e., Alchemize into a Vibrant Butterfly)
    • Beautiful Artwork to Create a Vision Board With
    • Feminine Stationary Pages to Inspire Your Creative Thought Process
    • Artwork of Muse Clio for you to print out and adorn your home


    Take a Look at the Prologue:

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     The Muse's Guide to Reinvention Prologue - Free to Read

    This Book Is For You If:

    • You desire to harness your soft and dark, feminine power.
    • You aspire to embrace a life of spiritual, emotional, sensual and financial opulence.
    • You wish to master your emotions.
    • You long to shatter limiting perceptions.
    • You appreciate art and meaningful imagery.
    • You are ready to seize control of your life by doing the work and implementing strategies, affirmations, rituals and spells.
    • You covet esoteric and philosophical knowledge.
    • You wish to reject your people-pleasing tendencies and establish protective boundaries.
    • You wish to delve deeper into the esoteric and become a channeler of magick.
    • You crave balanced, loving, and fulfilling relationships.
    • You want to become the woman of your wildest dreams.
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