Hi, I'm Bella.

I’m a Writer, Poet, Self Portrait Artist, Photographer and Creative Director.

“Muse by Midnight” is my pseudonym – and byword.

I write about alchemy, seduction, untethering, wistfulness, sensuality, the shadow self, and my personal affinity for the esoteric – and dark feminine. My art reflects the depth and range of our emotions; my fascination with psychology, and humanity's attraction to mystery, beauty, ritual and transcendence.

I was born, and raised, in Los Angeles, California; but my Gullah Geechee, Creole and Black roots stretch across the United States – from Louisiana to the Midwest and Carolinas. I was forged in grit, passion and fire; and I am the descendant of creatives and entrepreneurs who used ingenuity, music and compassionate service to make their way through the world.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and dancing a tango with my own mortality left me in a “semi-apparition state”  or with the ghostly feeling of having one foot in this world, and the other in another. The quest to understand the mystical balance between life, destiny, willpower and death; as well as a strong desire to embrace pleasure (and creative vitality), is a consistent source of regenerative inspiration.

I channel "the muse" through my travels, and global citizenship – which now surpasses 20+ countries. At times I feel more at home when I'm thousands of feet in the air than I do on the ground. My muses are many; I work with the elements of fire and water – and with my Orisha Oya (goddess of winds, lightning, cemeteries, rebirth and storms).

I invite you to explore my art, for as I always say: “Magic is found when your authentic self is captured in the reflections of others. And in the mirrors of kindred, you will find a home."

Welcome to my dark, romantic dreamworld.


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Poetic Affirmations

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"Inspiration is an infinite loop rounding in an ouroboros. Like the serpent, it devours its own tail and rebirths itself" ~Bella Graham

Words have the power to shape our perceptions – and our realities... A mind cannot distinguish between the truth and fiction, and thus, our words are magnets, and with them, we attract and dispel.

In 2023, I began sharing poetic audio affirmations on Threads that drew upon both my personal experiences and the collective energies of the world. Stirred by my love for the natural rhythm of life, and the cadence of spoken word, I began sharing spontaneous affirmations recorded against various instrumentals. They kept me in flow – and in alignment. I've shared some of those affirmations below. You may listen to the audio recordings by tapping on each link.

Listen to audio performances below:

Vignettes from Short Stories

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The Muse’s Guide to Reinvention was written partially as an introspective, reflective diary; partly as a petition to Clio (the goddess of history), and fully as a gift to any woman who seeks (or dares) to forge her own destiny – and rewrite HERstory.

It contains personal anecdotes, as well as glimpses into some of the most beautiful, desolate, rewarding, challenging, and vulnerable moments of my life. Inside, I share 12 “diaries,” or lessons, designed to help other women navigate through their own transformative processes. 

Additionally, there are creative exercises, four spells, coloring illustrations, writing prompts, rituals, artwork to create a vision board with, and affirmations that accompany each diary. 

Sacral Alchemy™

Art, for me, has always been an extension of my spirituality. In addition to being a multi-disclipinary artist, I'm also an Intuitive Healer.

Sacral Alchemy™ is my proprietary coaching methodology and intuitive approach to trauma-informed healing. It integrates somatic experiencing, spirituality, creative expression, music, meditation, nature and equine-assisted healing (i.e. horse magick). 

My meditations, like much of my poetry, are rhythmic – and designed to hypnotize and soothe. Listen to a meditation below:

Healing x Horses

(Client: Haloranch - Branded Art Film)

Audio Collages

This latest exploration is my version of "culture jamming."

Culture Jamming (definition): Communication that plays with images and icons of consumer culture to expose and/or make viewers aware of assumptions and problems; and challenge the idea of "what's cool."

As an artist, I’ve never been confined to one discipline, but music and words have always been my favorite mediums. I often merge the two in my poetry, but as I’ve shifted further into the digital media space, I’ve started creating “audio collages” of random film quotes – and adding reverb, background instrumentals and sometimes my own voice.

Audio collages add depth to what could be a very simple videos, and I’m able to communicate subversive messages that coincide with my perspectives and worldview. It’s comparable to listening to a song on repeat because you’re in a certain mood...

Repetition is spell-like in its ability to change your emotional state...

Thank You

If you've read to the end, I thank you for your interest in my art – and my words. You're welcome to drop me a note with your thoughts at Hello@MusebyMidnight.com. I hope we meet again.

Bella Graham