Dear Muses,

Summer is calling! I'm delighted to offer you 3 FREE GIFTS, as well as invite you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, connection, creativity and awe-filled experiences with Muse by Midnight. Join us as we embrace the magic of warmer, longer days and the enchantment of cozy, starlit nights.

I've personally always loved the summertime. It represents a time of hazy wanderlust –– and an energetic overflow of fiery passion, magnetic potential and magick. Therefore, in celebration of an epic summer, I've decided to bottle up my own spirit of anticipation and adventure and share it with you! 

You Are Invited to Join Muse by Midnight’s “Enchanting Summer” Experience!


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Included is a “Sacred Flame” Ritual, which merges tarot, affirmations and candle magick to accelerate and amplify your intentions for this summer.

It's most powerful when performed on the Solstice, but this ritual can be completed anytime this summer. You may watch it below, or on YouTube.


Additionally, I'm hosting a 3-week “Summer Manifestation” Challenge which offers a series of creative activities.

Each week, you'll receive a new email as we move through the themes of intuition, artistry, self-love, dating and relationships, pleasure activism, and connecting to the Universe. 

Here's a sneak peek of each week's theme:

  • Week 1) Invoke Your Inner Muse by Writing a Manifestation Love Letter
    • Set sail on a poetic exploration of self-care by crafting a love letter to the woman you aspire to become — and receive tips on how to nurture your artistic, sensual side.  
  • Week 2) Embracing High Standards: Dating, Affirmations and Mirror Rituals
    • Discover how to embrace a vivacious and unapologetic life, establish high standards for your romantic prospects and manifest your desires via an affirmative "mirror ritual." 
  • Week 3) Receiving Divine Abundance: A “Sacred Waters” Ritual
    • Immerse yourself in a divine feminine water ritual that will infuse your natural willpower with Universal flow, and open you to the frequency of "receiving."


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Furthermore, in the first week's email challenge, you'll also receive a Free Sacral Chakra Meditation.

Your sacral chakra is the seat of your emotions, pleasure, desires, sensuality, and connections – and this powerful meditation will lead you through an awakening journey of self-love, inspiration and healing.

As a "Sacral Alchemy" coach, I utilize guided meditations (and other tools) to help women manifest harmonious, successful and fulfilling lives; as well as develop vibrant social networks, and become confident, alluring and magnetic.

To Begin Your “Enchanting Summer" Experience, Complete the Following Activities:

  1. Complete the “Sacred Flame” Ritual (watch video above)
  2. Sign up for the FREE 3-week “Summer Manifestation” email challenge
  3. Listen to your FREE Sacral Chakra Meditation (receive it by signing up for the email challenge)
  4. Apply to Join Muse by Midnight (if you aren't already a member)
  5. Join my private Facebook group (open to both members and non-members)


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I look forward to having you join me on this creative and transformational, summer journey!
And if you're curious about the benefits of becoming a member of Muse by Midnight, learn more.